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Application for Employment


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. This Section Must Be Completed
  3. 3. Employment Information
  4. 4. Other Experience
  5. 5. References
  6. 6. Step Six
  • Step One

    1. Type of Position

    2. Can we contact you here?

    3. Can we contact you at this number?

    4. (If different than current address)

    5. Are you legally eligible for employment in the United States?

    6. Have you ever been employed by the Village of Whitefish Bay?

    7. The Village of Whitefish Bay shall prohibit employment of an individual if he/she would be directly supervising or receiving direct supervision from a family member.

    8. Do you possess a valid Driver’s License?

    9. Do you possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License?

    10. Do you possess any other license?