Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash borer (EAB) continues to spread throughout Milwaukee County and southeastern Wisconsin. This past year initial finds of EAB, in the north shore area, were confirmed in the following communities: Fox Point, Shorewood, River Hills, Bayside and Glendale. As of April 2017, there has not been a confirmed detection in Whitefish Bay. In 2011, the Village Board approved an EAB Initiative to put in place a management strategy to best manage the Village’s ash street tree population through a potential EAB infestation period.

During the past 6 years, the Village has removed and replaced 1,477 ash trees. We have replaced the ash trees with 18 different varieties of trees in order to create a more diverse species mix. There currently are 2,692 ash trees remaining in terrace areas along Village streets.

At the onset of the initiative (2011), the ash population was at 47%. Currently, the ash population is 31% of all village street trees. The goal of the EAB Initiative is to reduce the ash population to a more manageable level of around 20% of the street tree population, while maintaining as much existing street tree canopy as feasible.
The Village will continue the treatment of approximately 1800 ash street trees that it began protecting in 2013. The plan for 2017 is to continue removing and replacing ash trees along with continued chemical treatment of the more desirable ash.

Beginning in 2017, there will be only one treatment program that will be utilized, the trunk injection method. This method is used on all ash species that presently meet the condition and structure criteria for treatment. This method is currently the most effective in protecting ash trees from succumbing to EAB. Treatment is required every other year. 

Treatment Program (2017 Update)

The trunk treatment process will begin in early June and continue throughout the growing season. Trunk injected trees will be marked with two small fluorescent vertical green dots (on the street side) at the base of the tree.

Approximately 1000 ash trees will be marked for treatment in 2017. The 800 trees that were treated last year (2016) will be treated again in 2018.
Please note: Many properties have multiple ash trees in the terrace area and not all will be treated. In order to get the best distribution possible village-wide, some trees were bypassed in order to achieve the desired uniformity.

Black Dots on Trees

Village parkway trees that have black dots on them (about 5 feet above grade, street side) are not at all related to our EAB Project. It simply means that the tree has been trimmed within the past couple of years as part of our tree maintenance program.