The Village is a fully urbanized community with either an asphalt or concrete surface with all roads having curb and gutter. General maintenance is given to the roads annually to fix trouble spots through pothole patching, a mill and overlay program, and total reconstruction. The mill and overlay program began in 2009 with multiple projects designed to improve the road condition while not interfering with the reconstruction schedules of the other utilities.

Program Details

This program was deemed a priority to begin as the road condition on many Village streets had been deteriorating for many years, and needed improvement. The Village participates in the Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads (WISLR) through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. This system brings together data regarding the roads in a pavement rating system. This information is used to set maintenance options for roads based on their rating. This system continues to be more utilized as the Village continues with its general maintenance, mill and overlay, and road reconstruction projects in the future to improve its overall road rating.