Special Pickup Information

The DPW will not collect certain large items, such as household appliances, water heaters, fencing, windows, screens, or large accumulations of trash (such as that created when cleaning out an attic or garage) on regular collection days. These items require a special pick-up. The fee for a special pick-up is $45, payable at the Village Hall. Items to be collected with a special pick-up must weigh under 300 pounds. For items that weigh over 300 pounds, you may hire a private company to remove the item(s) or pay the DPW the actual cost of removal, including wages, benefits, equipment costs, and disposal.

Unaccepted Items

Items that contain refrigerants (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers) are not collected by the DPW. It is also unlawful to take these devices apart and empty the refrigerant. A special refrigerant recovery company must be contacted for that service.

Please call the Village Hall at 414-962-6690 for more information about refrigerant recovery services and special pick-ups.