Garbage & Recycling Collection

Garbage is collected once per week. Recycling is collected once per month, on the same day of the week as your regular trash collection. Whitefish Bay trash collectors begin their routes at 7 a.m. Residents should be sure to put out their trash for collection before 7 a.m. on their collection day. Please remember that garbage and recycling containers are prohibited from being stored in the front yard except on your collection day.

There may be times when your garbage or recycling does not get picked up. This may happen for several reasons. Village Employees are sometimes restricted in what they can and cannot pick up due to their safety, the budget, etc. Please check the tag left by collectors for the reason the pickup was not made or contact the Village Hall at 414-962-6690 for further information.
  1. Electronics Recycling Information

    Wisconsin became the 19th state to pass a law mandating the recycling of electronic waste. The USEPA estimates that over 1 million tons of used electronics are being land filled each year.

  2. Garbage Collection Information

    Residents are responsible for providing metal or plastic trash containers that do not exceed 30-gallon capacity, and weigh no more than 60 pounds when filled. If you currently have a container that is more than 30 gallons, please put your garbage in several sturdy plastic garbage bags so the collectors can pull the bags out. Each container must have at least two handles and a tight fitting cover. Residents should have enough containers to hold 10 days worth of trash. Recycling containers are provided by the Village.

  3. Recycling Collection Information

    Beginning in December of 2008, the Village conducted an experiment by picking up recycled material using a single stream comingled process. This experiment demonstrated the ability for DPW to pick up additional recyclable material, while lowering the capital cost of a new recycling truck and lowering the cost for disposal.

  4. Shorewood Transfer Station Information

    The Village of Whitefish Bay and the Village of Shorewood negotiated an agreement to allow Whitefish Bay residents to dispose of refuse and yard waste items at the Shorewood Transfer Station.

  5. Special Pickup Information

    The DPW will not collect certain large items, such as household appliances, water heaters, fencing, windows, screens, or large accumulations of trash (such as that created when cleaning out an attic or garage) on regular collection days. These items require a special pick-up.

  6. Hazardous Waste Disposal