Garbage & Recycling Collection

For updates regarding the 2018 transition to automated trash and recycling collection please follow this link:

This following information in accurate until May 2018, at that time it will be updated for the new automated trash and recycling collection program: Garbage is collected once per week. Recycling is collected once per month, on the same day of the week as your regular trash collection. Whitefish Bay trash collectors begin their routes at 7 a.m. Residents should be sure to put out their trash for collection before 7 a.m. on their collection day. Please remember that garbage and recycling containers are prohibited from being stored in the front yard except on your collection day.

There may be times when your garbage or recycling does not get picked up. This may happen for several reasons. Village Employees are sometimes restricted in what they can and cannot pick up due to their safety, the budget, etc. Please check the tag left by collectors for the reason the pickup was not made or contact the Village Hall at 414-962-6690 for further information.