Dangerous / Hazardous Trees


There are 2 ordinances that deal with trees on public and private property that pose a risk to the health and safety of people and property:
  • Hazardous Trees - Any tree or part thereof, whether alive or dead, which the Village Forester shall find to be hazardous so as to endanger the public shall be removed. The Village will issue a notice allowing the owner 30 days to trim, maintain, or remove the tree depending on the situation.
  • Dangerous Trees - no tree which in the opinion of the Village Forester is likely to fall upon any sidewalk or street, or is likely to cause damage to any person or property, shall be permitted to remain standing in the Village. Typically these are situations that are more severe in nature, and are required to remove within 10 days from the date of notice.
If a property owner fails to comply with the notice in either case, the Village Forester can arrange to have the tree removed at the property owners expense. Please contact the Village Hall for more information or with questions 414-962-6690.