Appeal Process

Increased Valuation

Meet with Assessor

The Village Assessor is required to send a notice when there is an increase in the assessed value of an owner's property. If you receive an assessment notice and have a question, please contact the Assessor's Office immediately and arrange for a meeting with an assessor.

Open Book

Meetings are arranged the first few weeks after the notices of change of assessment are mailed, generally around the end of April. These meetings are called "open book." An interior inspection of the property may be required before an "open book" meeting. Denying an inspection will result in the loss of the right to appeal the assessment to the Board of Review.

Board of Review

The Board of Review consists of citizen members appointed by the Village President. It is the Board’s duty to hear evidence by the taxpayer and the Village Assessor and to decide if the assessment is correct.

Requesting Review

If you would like to request a property review for 2015, please complete the property review form. Property review forms must be mailed to or submitted at Village Hall.